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Media Formulations

DescriptionCatalog Number(s)
Basal Medium Eagle (BME), Earle`s, 10X 01-015-5, 01-015-5A
Minimum Essential Medium, Earle`s 01-025-1A, 01-025-1B
Minimum Essential Medium, Earle`s, 10X 01-025-5, 01-025-5A
Minimum Essential Medium, Hanks' 01-035-1, 01-035-1A
Minimum Essential Medium, NEAA 01-040-1, 01-040-1A
Minimum Essential Medium-Alpha 01-042-1, 01-042-1A
MEM-Alpha, high glucose 01-043-1, 01-043-1A
Minimum Essential Medium, for Suspension Cultures 01-045-1, 01-045-1A
DMEM, Low Glucose 01-050-1A
DMEM, High Glucose, 4mM Glutamine 01-052-1
DMEM, High Glucose, no Phenol Red 01-053-1A
DMEM, High Glucose 01-055-1A
DMEM (5X), High glucose, No glutamine 01-055-4A, 01-055-4B
DMEM (2X), High Glucose 01-055-9A
DMEM, High Glucose, Stable Glutamine 01-056-1, 01-056-1A
DMEM, No Glucose 01-057-1, 01-057-1A
IMDM 01-058-1, 01-058-1A
MCDB 153 (Modified) Medium 01-059-1, 01-059-1A
MEM - Glasgow 01-060-1, 01-060-1A
MEM (10X) - Glasgow 01-060-5, 01-060-5A
McCoy`s 5A Medium 01-075-1, 01-075-1A
Medium M-199 Earle`s Salts Base 01-080-1, 01-080-1A, 01-080-1B
Medium M-199 Hank's Salts 01-085-1A
F10 Nutrient Mixture (Ham's) 01-090-1A, 01-090-1B
F10 Nutrient Mixture (Ham's) (10X) 01-090-5A
F12 Nutrient Mixture (Ham's) 01-095-1A
RPMI 1640 Medium 01-100-1A, 01-100-1B
RPMI 1640 Medium, no glutamine, no glucose 01-101-1A
RPMI 1640 Medium, no glutamine, no phenol red 01-103-1A
RPMI 1640 Medium, no glutamine, with Sodium Bicarbonate 01-104-1A
RPMI 1640 Medium, HEPES 01-106-1A, 01-106-1B
Waymouth's MB 752/1 Medium 01-110-1A
Leibovitz L-15 Medium  01-115-1A
Schneider's Drosophila Medium 01-150-1A
Grace's Insect Media 01-155-1A
DMEM/F12, HEPES 01-170-1A
MEM Vitamin Solution (x100) 01-326-1B
MEM Non-Essential Amino Acids Solution (100X) 01-340-1B
Nucleosides and Ribonucleosides for MEM-alpha (500X) 01-343-1D
Gey's Balanced Salt Solution 01-919-1A
EBSS 02-010-1A
EBSS (10X) 02-010-5A
EBSS, no phenol red 02-011-1A
HBSS, calcium, magnesium 02-015-1A, 02-015-B
HBSS (10X) 02-015-5A
HBSS, no Phenol Red 02-016-1A
HBSS, no calcium, no magnesium 02-017-1A, 02-017-1B
HBSS, no calcium, no magnesium, no phnol red 02-018-1A
DPBS, calcium, magnesium 02-020-1A, 02-020-1B
DPBS, no calcium, no magnesium 02-023-1A
DPBS (10X), no calcium, no magnesium  02-023-5A
Alsever's Solution 02-045-1A, 02-045-1B
Trypsin Solution A (0.25%) 03-045-1B
Trypsin Solution B (0.25%) 03-046-1A, 03-046-1B
Trypsin Solution B (2.5%) (10X) 03-046-5B
Crystalline Trypsin Solution (0.02%) 03-047-1A, 03-047-1B
Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor 03-048-1C
Trypsin EDTA Solution A (0.25%), EDTA (0.02%) 03-050-1A, 03-050-1B
Trypsin EDTA (0.5%), EDTA (0.2%) (10X) 03-051-1A, 03-051-1B
Trypsin EDTA Solution B (0.25%), EDTA (0.05%)  03-052-1A, 03-052-1B 
Trypsin EDTA Solution C (0.05%), EDTA (0.02%) 03-053-1A, 03-053-1B 
DMEM/F12, with glutamine 06-1170-34-1A
MEM-Eagle, Earle's salts, powder 11-025-1K, 11-025-1G, 11-025-1M, 11-025-1N 
MEM-Eagle, Earle's salts, with NEAA, powder 11-040-1K, 11-040-1G, 11-040-M, 11-040-1N 
MEM-a, low glucose, no nucleosides, powder 11-042-1K, 11-042-1G, 11-042-M, 11-042-1N 
MEM-a, low glucose, nucleosides, powder 11-044-1K, 11-044-1G, 11-044-M, 11-044-1N 
DMEM, low glucose, powder 11-050-1K, 11-050-1G, 11-050-M, 11-050-1N 
DMEM, high glucose, powder 11-055-1K, 11-055-1G, 11-055-M, 11-055-1N 
IMDM, powder 11-058-1G, 11-058-M, 11-058-1N 
Medium M-199, Earle's salts, powder 11-080-1K, 11-080-M, 11-080-1N 
F-10 Nutrient Mixture (Ham's), Powder 11-090-1K, 11-090-M, 11-090-1N 
F-12 Nutrient Mixture (Ham's), powder 11-095-1K, 11-095-1G, 11-095-M, 11-095-1N 
RPMI 1640, powder 11-100-1K, 11-100-1G, 11-100-M, 11-100-1N 
RPMI 1640, HEPES, powder 11-106-1K, 11-106-1N 
DMEM/F-12, HEPES, Powder 11-170-1K, 11-170-1G, 11-170-M, 11-170-1N 

Please contact Technical Support to inquire about any other media formulations.