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Media for Therapeutic Cell Culture Applications - What You Need to Know


Three key factors are critical to success when translating cell-based research to the clinic: the cells themselves, the culture media, and the manufacturing process. When optimizing the overall procedure for downstream clinical use, all three of these factors must be given sufficient consideration.

In the lab, attention is primarily given to the cells themselves, as they play an obviously important role in the therapeutic application. The downstream process development is also systematically considered, as the logistics of manufacturing or dosing a cell-based product cannot be ignored. The cell culture media, however, is too often overlooked, though it plays a critically important role in the process and can greatly impact the development of a therapy or product.

This webinar will focus on the significance of optimizing cell culture media used in translational research, and provide insight into the impact of various media components, optimization parameters, validation of performance, and regulatory considerations. This webinar will review important definitions and terms that are often confused or misunderstood, and provide a guideline for evaluating a culture medium’s suitability for therapeutic cell culture applications.

What you will learn:
  • How ingredients, definition, and format can impact cell health, experimental reproducibility, and regulatory suitability of cell culture media
  • How to identify factors that can influence media performance
  • Definitions and differences between commonly misunderstood terms
  • How to properly validate a new cell culture medium in the lab
  • Which questions to ask about a culture medium and the manufacturer when transitioning from research to the clinic


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Vanesa Alonso-Camino, PhD, Mill Creek Life Sciences
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