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2018 NIH Research Festival Exhibit

November 1-2, 2018 | Bethesda, MD, USA

Visit Biological Industries USA at the NIH Tent Show, visit Table #703 and ask about the latest developments with NutriStem® hPSC and MSC Media and Custom Media Services

New Application Note

Growing More Cells: Maximizing MSC Culture Yield for Clinical Applications

This paper presents NutriStem® MSC XF Medium as part of two culture systems that each facilitate high-quality MSC growth in culture, uniquely enable large-scale expansion that outperforms FBS, and better support proliferation of clinical-quality MSCs in culture.

MSC NutriStem® XF Medium

Defined, xeno-free, serum-free MSC culture medium

Optimizable media formulations. FDA drug master files. Custom scale-up services. Easily translate to the clinic.

PLTGold® Human Platelet Lysate

Available in research and clinical GMP grades with no trade-offs

More cells in less time when paired with NutriStem® MSC XF Medium. Excellent substitute for FBS for the growth of all types of primary cells.


Your trusted partner with over 30 years of custom media development and manufacturing experience.

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