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Coronavirus Resources

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus in December 2019 has put the health and safety of the global community at risk and illustrates how research efforts to develop vaccines or drug treatments are accelerated in times of urgent need. Biological Industries stands committed to helping our customers navigate through this challenging time.

We are prepared to walk alongside our customers to help ensure continuity of business, stay connected virtually for support, and provide multiple solutions for your COVID-19 research. We know many of the supplies related to Covid-19 research are hard to find, we are sourcing every day and stands ready to support your needs



Biological Industries has been providing media and cell culture reagent for years and now is manufacturing for the Israeli Health Ministry Viral Transport Medium for transporting COVID-19 samples for testing following the CDC guidelines. We are also providing materials for Viral Transport Medium for labs and hospitals who produce the medium in house:



Several trials that use stem cells to treat Coronavirus patients have been conducted around the world. While they cannot be used to eradicate the virus completely, the trials show that mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can be used to help patients survive the disease and fix extreme organ damage caused by the virus. BI products that can be used for cell therpay treatments include:



Companies and institutions all over the world are refocusing their efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and to produce a potential vaccine against the new coronavirus. BI's products for viral vaccine production include: