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Custom Media

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The following are examples of products we prepare custom-made:

Cat. No. Solution QTY
01-821-1A CMRL-1066 500 mL
01-830-1A MCDB 105 500 mL
01-996-1A ACL-4 Medium RPMI Based with Glutamine 500 mL
01-997-1A MM Insect Medium 500 mL
06-1025-01-1A  MEM-E without Phenol Red 500 mL
06-1025-25-1A MEM Eagle with Hepes 500 mL
06-1025-37-1A MEM Eagle (Earle's) without Niacinamide 500 mL
06-1042-03-1A MEM Alpha, Low Glucose, without Phenol Red 500 mL
06-1042-23-1A Modified MEM Alpha 500 mL
06-1042-24-1A MEM Alpha, LG without Glucose, L-Methionine 500 mL
06-1042-26-1A  MEM Alpha, LG, without Glc, Na Pyr. Ascorbic Acid 500 mL
06-1043-01-1A MEM Alpha without Glucose 500 mL
06-1050-37-1A DMEM, without Glucose, Pyruvate, Glutamine, AA 500 mL
06-1050-38-1A DMEM without Glucose, L-Glutamine, Ser, Gly, Na Pyruvate 500 mL
06-1050-39-1A Modified LG DMEM 500 mL
06-1052-05-1A DMEM High Glucose without Leuc, Isoleuc, Val, Phenol Red 500 mL
06-1052-12-1A DMEM High Glucose with Sod.Pyr. without Leu, Ile, Val 500 mL
06-1053-15-1A DMEM High Glucose without Nicotinamide 500 mL
06-1053-16-1A Modified DMEM High Glucose without Glucose, Amino Acids 500 mL
06-1055-09-1A DMEM, High Glucose, with D-Valine 500 mL
06-1055-30-1A DMEM, High Glucose, without Leucine 500 mL
06-1055-57-1A DMEM, High Glucose, with glutamine and sodium pyruvate 500 mL
06-1055-66-1A DMEM, High Glucose, without Amino Acids 500 mL
06-1056-06-1A Modified DMEM, without L-Serine, Glycine 500 mL
06-1056-08-1A Modified DMEM, without Glucose, Gln, Ser, Gly 500 mL
06-1056-10-1A Modified DMEM, without Glucose, L-Ana-Glu 500 mL
06-1095-01-1A F-12 (HAM) without Phenol Red 500 mL
06-1095-13-1A F-12 (HAM), without Glutamine 500 mL
06-1100-06-1B RPMI-1640 without Folic Acid 100 mL
06-1100-07-1A RPMI-1640 without Arginine 500 mL
06-1100-68-1A RPMI 1640 without D-Glucose,Glycine,L-Serine 500 mL
06-1104-21-1A HITES RPMI Based 500 mL
06-1104-34-1A RPMI without Glutamine & Arginine 500 mL
06-1106-21-1A RPMI-1640, with Hepes,  L-ALA-L-GLU, without Amino Acids 500 mL
06-1106-22-1A RPMI 1640 eith HEPES Withouy KCl, Phenol Red  500 mL
06-1110-01-1A Waymouth's MB 752/1 Medium, without Glucose 500 mL
06-1115-05-1A Leibovitz without Methionine 500 mL
06-1150-07-1A Modified Schneider's Drosophila Medium 500 mL
06-1170-34-1A DMEM:F-12 (HAM)1:1, with L-Glutamine 500 mL
06-1170-34-1B DMEM:F-12 (HAM)1:1, with L-Glutamine 100 mL
06-1170-47-1A DMEM:F-12 without Lysine, Arginine & Methionine 500 mL
06-1170-75-1A DMEM:F12 without Amino Acids 500 mL
06-1170-77-1A Mofified DMEM:F-12 500 mL
06-1828-01-1A Modified MCDB 131 500 mL
06-1832-04-1A DMEM:F-12, with 2mM Glutamine, without Glucose, Phenol Red 500 mL
06-2010-01-1A Earle's BSS, without Glucose 500 mL
06-2010-03-1B Modified EBSS with Sodium Pyruvate 100 mL
06-3079-01-1B Recombinant Trypsit EDTA Solution 100 mL
06-3079-02-1B Modified Recombinant Trypsin x 5 EDTA Solution 100 mL
06-3079-03-1B Modified Recombinant Trypsin x 10 EDTA Solution 100 mL
06-5100-01-1A NutriStem® hPSC XF without TGF & FGF 500 mL
06-5100-09-1A NutriStem® hPSC XF, with HSA, without Glucose, Glutamine ,Pyruvate, Lactate 500 mL
06-5100-10-1A NutriStem® hPSC XF, with HSA, without Growth Factors & Insulin 500 mL
06-5102-01-1A Modified AF NutriStem® hPSC XF, without HSA and Growth Factors, with L-Alanyl-l-Glutamine 500 mL
06-5200-09-1A Modified MSC Nutristem® XF Basal Medium without HSA, TE, FA, TRN 500 mL
06-5200-10-1A MSC NutriStem® XF Basal Medium with Transferrin without D-Glucose, L-Glutamine, HSA & Fatty Acids 500 mL
06-5200-12-1A MSC NutriStem® XF Basal Medium X5,  pH 5.0, without HSA, FA, Ca, Mg, Glucose, Gln, NaHCO3, NaCl 500 mL