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RBC Lysis Solution

RBC Lysis Solution for isolation of leukocytes from whole blood.
SKU: 01-888-1B



Product Overview: Biological Industries' Red Blood Cells (RBC) Lysis Solution is intended for use in isolation of leukocytes from whole blood. The RBC Lysis Solution selectively lyses the erythrocytes leaving the leukocytes. The resulting white blood cells can be readily lysed and processed when isolating nucleic acid with BI's RNA and DNA isolation kits: EZ-RNA (Cat. no. 20-400-10), EZ-DNA (Cat. no. 20-600-50), or with any other method for nucleic acid isolation from whole blood.



QTY 100 mL
Storage Conditions 2-8°C
Shipping Conditions Cold Pack
Instructions for Use Add 1ml of whole blood to 2ml RBC Lysis Solution. Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes at room temperature with gentle mixing. Centrifuge at 300g for 10 minutes and discard the supernatant. Repeat process if red blood cells are evident in the pellet.


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