Cell Health and Metabolism

A comprehensive assessment of cell health state with Promega's easy to use assays and protocols.

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Cell Health and Energy Metabolism

BI offers an extensive range of products from Promega, for analyzing complex cellular and biochemical processes. These cell-based and biochemical assays are used in pure and applied research, as well as in the identification and characterization of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to the existing assays for investigating cell viability, cytotoxicity and apoptosis, there are now assays for analyzing G protein coupled receptors signaling pathways and epigenetic changes. researches can use this to analyze how cells react to growth factors, cytokines hormones, mitogens, radiation, effectors and other signaling molecules. In the development of new drugs, such assays are indispensible for investigating the effectiveness and toxicity of active-substance molecules before investigating in expensive animal experiments or clinical studies.

Now available from BI: Caspase-Glo apoptosis and CellTiter-Glo cell viability assays, multiplex assays for viability, cytotoxicity and apoptosis, and sensitive luminescent ADME/Tox and other powerful, high quality cell-health assays.

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Easy to use, great sensitive reproducible results Review by Nir Kfir
I have use three cell-heath Promega kits all from the 'Glo' product line. Capase 3/7 Glo Assay, RealTime-Glo Annexin V Apoptosis and Necrosis Assay, RealTime-Glo Cell Viability Assay.
I found them very easy to use cost effective since they allow for easy 384 well plate usage. The results I received were sensitive (high signal to noise) reproducible (small error bars) and long lasting (RealTime for 72 h).
I highly recommend these these kits for determining cell viability and apoptosis. (Posted on 15/11/2017)

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