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BIO-AMF™-1 Medium

Designed for the primary culture of human amniotic fluid cells and chorionic villi (CV) samples

Will be discontinued from 1/10/2022
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BIO-AMF™-1 Medium Kit 01-190-1B-KT 100 mL



Product Overview:

BIO-AMF™-1 is designed for the primary culture of human amniotic fluid cells and chorionic villi (CV) samples in both open (5% CO2) and closed systems. The medium allows rapid growth of amniocytes or chorionic villi for use in karyotyping.

No supplementation with serum or serum-substitutes is necessary. This medium consists of two components: basal medium and frozen supplement.

Storage and Stability

  • BIO-AMF™-1 Basal Medium is stable for 15 months from production date when stored at 2-8ºC.
  • BIO-AMF™-1 Supplement is stable for 24 months from production date when stored at -20ºC.
  • The complete medium is stable for 14 days when stored at 2-8ºC. Do not freeze the complete medium.
  • Protect both the basal medium and the complete medium from light.



Brand BIO-AMF™
Shipping Conditions Cold Pack
Storage Conditions 4ºC



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