Upcoming Webinar Series - Spring 2017

Thursday, May 25, 2017, 11:00 AM ET

Expansion of MSCs for Translational Medicine using NutriStem® MSC Basal Medium and PLTMax® Human Platelet Lysate

Speakers: Lia Thornberry Kent, Biological Industries USA
Vanesa Alonso-Camino, PhD, Mill Creek Life Sciences

One of the biggest challenges in cell therapy-based regenerative medicine is the difficulty of expanding mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in vitro. Traditionally, fetal bovine serum (FBS) has been used as the main supplement for the in vitro culture of MSCs. However, the use of xenogeneic elements, particularly bovine-sourced materials, to culture human cells intended for clinical applications involves a series of potentially fatal risk factors, ranging from immunogenic responses against exogenous antigens to the transmission of diseases.

Human platelet lysate (hPL) derived from normal human donor platelets provides a xeno-free alternative to FBS as a supplement for vitro expansion of human cells for both research and clinical applications. In this webinar, we present a new clinically-relevant MSC culture medium comprised of NutriStem® Basic Medium supplemented with PLTMax® to culture MSCs. MSC NutriStem® Basal Medium supplemented with PLTMax® demonstrates faster growth kinetics than media supplemented with other commonly used reagents, such as human AB serum or FBS.

Attendees will learn the basics of growing human MSCs in MSC NutriStem® Basal Medium supplemented with PLTMax®, as well as the capabilities of this medium to promote high cell viability, chromosomic stability, and expansion.


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