Vitronectin XF™

Defined, xeno-free human recombinant protein used for attachment of hPSCs
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Product Overview

Vitronectin XF™ is a defined, xeno-free cell attachment factor intended to support the growth and differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) under serum-free, feeder-free conditions. Vitronectin XF™ is developed and manufactured by Nucleus Biologics, Inc. and distributed by Biological Industries USA, Inc. Vitronectin XF™ is a recombinant fusion protein that contains the entire human Vitronectin sequence (NCBI Reference Seq. NP_000629.3), and is to be used for coating of sterile, non-tissue culture-treated polystyrene dishes and plates. When used in combination with NutriStem® hPSC Medium, Vitronectin XF™ supports long-term growth and expansion of hPSCs in a completely defined, xeno-free culture system.

Vitronectin XF™ maintains pluripotency and normal karyotype throughout long-term culture of hPSCs in defined conditions without the need for a ROCK inhibitor when used in combination with defined, xeno-free NutriStem® hPSC media.

Vitronectin is a consistent and effective single-component alternative to Matrigel® and other undefined matrices, with simple plating protocols and enzyme-free passaging options.

Sample Data

Figure 1: Normal cell morphology. hiPS cells thawed directly into NutriStem® hPSC XF Medium on Vitronectin XFTM substrate in the absence of the ROCK inhibitor Y-27632. The images demonstrate that cells grown in these conditions assume normal pluripotent cell morphologies as they expand from the early (Day 1, left image) to the late (Day 7, right image) phases of growth after thawing and/or passaging. Images shown at 20X magnification.


  • Defined, xeno-free cell attachment substrate
  • Full-length recombinant human vitronectin protein
  • Simple plating protocol
  • Supports enzyme-free passaging and reproducible long-term hPSC culture
  • Cost-effective alternative to Matrigel®
  • Validated in combination with NutriStem® hPSC Medium
  • Effectively supports both hPSC maintenance and differentiation



QTY 2 mL / 500 µg
Form Liquid
Storage Conditions Store undiluted at -20° to -80°C, protected from light, for up to 12 months. Thaw vial at room temperature. Once thawed, store undiluted at 4°C, protected from light, for up to 2 weeks. Product is stable for a minimum of 6 months from date of manufacture
Specifications Designations: Xeno-free; defined
Concentration: 250 µg/mL
Source: Liquid
Sterility: 0.2 µm Sterile filtered; Mycoplasma-negative
Authenticity: Verified by N-terminal and mass spectrometry analyses
Purity: > 90% pure by SDS-PAGE gel and Coomassie Blue staining
Protein Content: Verified by UV spectroscopy and/or SDS-PAGE gel
Endotoxin: < 1.25 EU/mL
Biological Activity: Pluripotent hiPSC culture (> 5 passages) and differentiation into definitive endoderm
Instructions for Use
  • This product contains 500 µg Vitronectin XF™ in 2 mL of solution, at a stock concentration of 250 µg/mL.
  • Further dilution to a working concentration of 10 ug/mL in DPBS with calcium and magnesium is recommended prior to plating for hPSC culture. Refer to the Instructions for Use for full directions on preparing plates.
  • Coating should be performed on the day of use, although plates coated with Vitronectin XF™ solution may be incubated overnight at 37°C in a humidified CO2 incubator (with care taken to not let plates dry).
  • Important – use only with non-tissue culture-treated polystyrene plasticware when performing all dilutions.
Legal For research use only.Vitronectin XF™ is developed and manufactured by Primorigen Biosciences, Inc. Primorigen® and Primorigen Biosciences® are registered trademarks of Primorigen Biosciences. Vitronectin XF™ is a trademark of Primorigen Biosciences.



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