PLTGold® Human Platelet Lysate

A growth factor rich, xeno-free, heparin-free supplement that is a superior alternative to FBS. Available in research and clinical grades.

Pathogen Inactivated HPL also available.

Name SKU Size
PLTGold® Human Platelet Lysate (Research Grade) PLTGOLD27R 27 mL
PLTGold® Human Platelet Lysate (Research Grade) PLTGOLD100R 100 mL
PLTGold® Human Platelet Lysate (Research Grade) PLTGOLD500R 500 mL
PLTGold® Human Platelet Lysate (Clinical Grade) PLTGOLD27GMP 27 mL
PLTGold® Human Platelet Lysate (Clinical Grade) PLTGOLD100GMP 100 mL
PLTGold® Human Platelet Lysate (Clinical Grade) PLTGOLD500GMP 500 mL



Product Overview

Please note that PLTGold is available through Biological Industries USA. For bulk orders or more information, contact

PLTGold® Human Platelet Lysate is a xeno-free, animal serum-free product derived from human platelets. PLTGold® contains all the growth factors and proteins necessary for cell growth, but with reduced turbidity and no clot formation. PLTGold® is the next generation of hPLs which does not require the use of heparin in the manufacturing process.

  • Heparin-free and no clot formation
  • Effective with MSCs and other primary cells (includes: Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells (graph), Hematopoietic Stem Cells, iPSC and iPSC-derived cells, Embryonic Stem Cells, Fibroblasts, Endothelial Cells, Tumor Cells)
  • Cost-effective alternative to FBS (stable supply)
  • Provides an optimal environment for cell culture and drug discovery

Why Heparin-Free hPL?

The first platelet lysate, PLTMax®, involves the addition of heparin to the cell culture media to prevent clotting. Heparin is purified and refined according to cGMP methods and is one of the most widely used drugs in humans. There has been no overt requirement for removal of heparin. However, some quality systems have requested its removal or replacement from cell culture processes in an effort to remove all xenogeneic components. PLTGold® is an unfractionated product derived from human platelets that does not require the addition of heparin. It remains clot-free with performance equivalent to the original PLTMax® platelet lysate.

Real time imaging of Adipose-derived MSCs from day 0 to day 5 of culture



Origin Animal serum-free product derived from human platelets
Storage Conditions Store at -20°C for up to 3 years or 4°C for up to 2 weeks

Thaw at: 37°C or 4°C
Shipping Conditions Dry Ice
Specifications Using PLTGold®
  • It is not recommended to expose PLTGold® to repeated temperature changes that could affect the integrity of its components. For that reason, the manufacturer recommends thawing the product and preparing aliquots as soon as it is received.
  • Aliquots can be stored at -20ºC or colder for up to 3 years. Storage at 4ºC is recommended for periods no longer than 2 weeks.
  • Complete media can be prepared, aliquoted and stored at -80ºC for up to 9 months. Do not store complete media at 4ºC for longer than 2 weeks.
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