LDN193189 (HCl)

BMP inhibitor in tetrahydrochloride form, 10 mg
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Product Description

LDN193189 (HCl) is a highly-potent inhibitor of BMP signaling, specifically blocking ALK1 (IC50 of 0.8 nM), ALK2 (IC50 of 0.8 nM), ALK3 (IC50 of 5.3 nM), and ALK6 (IC50 of 16.7 nM), and in turn affecting Smad1/5/8 expression (Galvin-Burgess, et al.). LDN193189 (HCl) has been shown to contribute to the differentiation of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) into functional pancreatic beta cells when combined with CHIR99021 (Cat. No. SM-0001-0010), SANT-1 (Cat. No. SM-0008-0010), Y27632 (Cat. No. SM-0013-0010), Compound E (Cat. No. SM-0002-0010), RepSox (Cat. No. SM-0006-0010), Triiodothyronine Salt (Cat. No. SM-0011-0500) along with other growth factors (Pagliuca, et al.). LDN193189 has also been utilized in the derivation of neural progenitor cells (Edri, et al.), and cortical neurons (Qi, et al.) from PSCs.

Product Synonyms:
LDN193189 tetrahydrochloride, LDN-193189, 1062368-62-0

Constructed from renowned protocols, Biological Industries' selection of small molecules will streamline workflows for research in diabetes, neural disorders, and cardiovascular disease.



QTY 10 mg
Form Powder
Molecular Weight 552.33
Molecular Formula C25H26Cl4N6
Chemical Name Quinoline, 4-[6-[4-(1-piperazinyl)phenyl]pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidin-3-yl]-, tetrahydrochloride
CAS Number 2310134-98-4
Target TGF-β Receptor
Appearance Light yellow to yellow (Solid)
Purity ≥95% by LCMS
Solubility and Reconstitution Soluble in H2O up to 35 mM, for example:
10 mg/18.105 mL = 0.552 mg/mL = 1.0 mM
10 mg/3.621 mL = 2.762 mg/mL = 5.0 mM
10 mg/1.811 mL = 5.522 mg/mL = 10.0 mM
10 mg/0.905 mL = 11.050 mg/mL = 20.0 mM
Storage Conditions Store at:
-20°C for 3 years
4°C for 2 years

In solvent:
-80°C for 6 months
-20°C for 1 month
Legal This product is for Research Use Only and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic use.



  • Galvin-Burgess, et al. 2012. TGF-β-superfamily signaling regulates embryonic stem cell heterogeneity: Self-renewal as a dynamic and regulated equilibrium. Stem Cells. 31(1): 45-58.
  • Pagliuca, et al. 2014. Generation of functional human pancreatic β cells in vitro. Cell 159: 428-439.
  • Qi, et al. 2017. Combined small-molecule inhibition accelerations the derivation of functional cortical neurons from human pluripotent stem cells. Nature Biotechnology 35(2): 154-163.


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