Scientific Advisors

Jacob Hanna

Jacob Hannah, M.D. Ph.D.

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Dr. Stanley Hirsch

Stanley Hirsch, Ph.D.

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Avi Treves Avi Treves, Ph.D.  View Bio Dr. Stanley Hirsch Stanley Hirsch, Ph.D.  View Bio  Shai Meretzki

Shai Meretzki, Ph.D.

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Jacob Hannah, Ph.D. (Weizmann Institute of Science) Holds a Ph.D. in Immunology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
Jacob H. Hanna is the Senior Scientist (AKA Assistant Professor, Principal Investigator) of the JACOB HANNA LAB for Pluripotent Stem Cell Studies and Epigenetic Reprogramming at the Department of Molecular Genetics, Faculty of Biochemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science. The lab is part of the Department of Molecular Genetics at the Weizmann Institute of Science, affiliated with the Azrieli Institute for Systems Biology, and the Chromatin & RNA Gene Regulation i-Core.
The Lab is an interdisciplinary group of scientists interested in understanding embryonic stem cell biology, early development and advance human disease modeling. Specifically, they investigate the process of cellular reprogramming, in which induced pluripotent stem cells are generated from somatic cells, and investigate how pluripotency is maintained throughout development in mouse and human. They utilize in their studies a diverse arsenal of biological experimentation methods, high throughput screening, advanced microscopy and genomic analyses. They also seek to combine biological experimentation with computational biology, theory and modeling, to elucidate the biological question at hand.

Stanley Hirsch, Ph.D. (FuturaGene Limited) Received D. Phil. from Oxford University in Cell Biology and Immunology and a B.SC and B.Sc. (Med) Honours from the University of Cape Town. Leads FuturaGene Ltd, a world leader in the development of environmentally friendly solutions that enable plants to grow in hostile conditions, improve crop yields and enhance process ability and digestibility.

  • Advisor to Venture Capital Funds
  • Group Chief Executive Officer of FuturaGene Ltd.
  • General Manager of Portman Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Chief Executive Officer of GamidaGen
  • Member of the Board for Foamix (FOMX – NASDAQ)

Shai Meretzki, Ph.D. (BonUs Therapeutic) Holds a PhD and MSc degree in Biotechnology from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in cooperation with the Weizmann Institute, Israel. Leads BonUs Therapeutic, a product-focused biotechnology company applying proprietary, innovative technology to supply tissue-regenerating viable bone grafts. BonUs Therapeutic is a pioneer at developing cell therapy products based on autologous and allogeneic bone implants that will enable efficient bone transplant and provide cellular-based bone replacement prosthetics for repairing bone lesions.

  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BonUs Therapeutic
  • Chairman of the Board of Biological Industries
  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PolyOL Biotech Ltd.
  • Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (2003-2008)
  • Vice President of Research & Development - Biological and Chemical at Polyheal Ltd. (2001-2003)
David Fiorentini

David Fiorentini

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Micha Drukker

Micha Drukker, Ph.D.

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Joseph Itskovitz-Eldor

Joseph Itskovitz-Eldor, MD DSc

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David Fiorentini (Biological industries) Received his M.Sc. from the School of Applied Sciences, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Leads the development of unique products in the areas of culture media for animal cells, serum-free media, xeno-free media products for human embryonic and adult stem cells, as well as media products for clinical genetic analysis.

  • Vice President Scientific Director Biological Industries
  • Consultant on production of veterinary vaccines and ISO-9001 certification Vireo (Biovac) Laboratories
  • Consultant Shafit Biological Laboratories
  • Head of Department for Production of Veterinary Vaccines in Cell Culture, Vineland Laboratories (Teva-Abik)

Micha Drukker, Ph.D. (Helmholtz Zentrum München) Holds a PhD from the Hebrew University. Leader of the junior research group Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Lineage-Choice Research and the Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Unit at the Institute of Stem Cell Research, Helmholtz Zentrum München
The research aim of the Drukker lab is to investigate the molecular program governing commitment of human pluripotent stem cells to embryonic progenitors that give rise to fetal organs.

Joseph Itskovitz-Eldor, MD DSc (Rambam Health Care Campus, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology) Received his D.Sc. from the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Holds more than 200 scientific publications in the fields of fetal physiology, assisted reproductive technologies and human embryonic stem cells.

  • Director of the Stem Cell Center in the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion
  • Director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Rambam Health Care Campus
  • Co-founder of the Israel Stem Cell Society
  • Member of the ISSCR Stem Cell Standards Committee
  • Research Fellow at the Cardiovascular Research Institute of University of California at San Francisco
  • Founder of In-Vitro Fertilization, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Rambam Medical Center
Uriel Barkai

Uriel Barkai,  Ph.D.

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Ohad Karnieli

Ohad Karnieli, Ph.D.

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Uriel Barkai, Ph.D. (GluSense Medical, Beta-O2) graduated from Tel-Aviv University in physiology of reproduction and extended his education at the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology (RIMB - Nutley, NJ) in cell and molecular biology. He was recruited to Tel-Aviv University and Serlin Maternity Hospital, where his research team developed techniques for human prenatal diagnosis and studied molecular cross talk between the uterus and the implanting embryo. Before moving to the biomedical industry in 1999, he spent a sabbatical in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Dr. Barkai brings to the company more than 15 years of expertise in the biotechnology arena where he worked as director, manager, and consultant at numerous companies. Part of his work focused on molecular imaging (Spectrum Dynamics), wound healing (Polyheal), and clinical use of mesenchymal stem cells. In this area, he participated as founder (Bonus Biogroup) and CSO (Pluristem Therapeutics). Most of his efforts have focused on innovations in molecular diabetes. In this field, Dr. Barkai was a senior officer in three companies developing miniature and implanted cell-based glucose sensors (Carmel Biosensors, Glusense Medical, and Carmel StemSense). During the past 10 years he has been the CSO in Beta-O2 Technologies, Ltd where a bioartificial pancreas device is being developed that is based on stem cell derived beta cells.

Ohad Karnieli, Ph.D. (ATvio Biotech) holds a PhD from Tel Aviv University and MBA from Haifa University. He is the founder and CEO of ATvio Biotech, a lead cell & gene therapy CDMO located in Israel. Dr Karnieli serves as the chair of the Process and Product Development committee of the International Society for Cellular Therapies (ISCT) and is regarded as a world expert in cell therapy process and product development and is an expert member in the ISO TC276 bioprocessing international committee. Additionally, Dr Karnieli runs his own consultancy services (Karnieli Ltd) for cell therapy process development, automation and cGMP manufacturing. Prior to founding Atvio, Dr Karnieli was the vice president of Technology and Manufacturing at Pluristem Therapeutics.