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EZ-ECL Enhanced Chemiluminescence Detection Kit for HRP
Name SKU Size
EZ-ECL Kit 20-500-120 120 mL
EZ-ECL Kit 20-500-500 500 mL
EZ-ECL Kit 20-500-1000 1000 mL



Product Overview:

EZ-ECL Chemiluminescence detection kit for HRP is a complete kit with ready-to-use reagents for enhanced chemiluminescence detection of immobilized proteins i.e. Western blotting or immobilized nucleic acids i.e. Southern or Northern blotting, conjugated with HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase) directly or indirectly.

The use of enhanced chemiluminescence was introduced by Thorpe and Kricka (1,2). In the presence of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) catalyzes the oxidation of cyclic diacylhydrazides, such as luminol. Immediately following the oxidation, the luminol is in an excited state (intermediate reaction product), which decays to the ground state by emitting light. Strong enhancement of the light emission is produced by enhancers, such as phenolic compounds.

Using this method, it is possible to detect membrane immobilized specific antigens, or sequences of nucleic acids, labeled directly with HRP or indirectly with HRP labeled antibodies/streptavidin.


  • High sensitivity non-radioactive detection system
  • Stable hard copy results on film
  • Only small amounts of antibody required
  • Detection may be achieved in short exposure times (minutes)
  • High resolution



Storage Conditions 2-8°C
Shipping Conditions Cold Pack



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Customer Reviews (4)

More than a decade of usage. We just hope one they to buy it in 10L stock....Review by YUVAL
Tip: Use a 1 mL pipettor for evenly spread A+B mixture on the membrane do avoid waste
(Posted on 7/3/2018)
Cheap, good alternative to popular brandsReview by Tzahi Noiman
I use this product for my western blot development. We switched to it about two years ago, and so far I had no issues with detection, proper development etc.
We submerge blots for three minutes before drying leftover liquids in whatman paper, and then developing in an ECL developer.
Product is cheap, does the same trick as other products, and I would recommend it to those who routinely do WB development and want to save some money. (Posted on 7/3/2018)
Works greatReview by Assaf Ezra
We routinely use this product in our lab. It works great for most applications. Good value for money. (Posted on 11/21/2017)
We are buying it for years it is good and sensitive Review by YUVAL
I would like to recommend this product as it is very sensitive to small proteins and Ab's that cannot be detected by other methods. (Posted on 11/19/2017)

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