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EZ-DNA Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

Fast procedure, permits isolation of genomic DNA

Recovery is between 70-100%
SKU: 20-600-50



Product Overview

EZ-DNA is a non-organic and ready-to-use reagent for the isolation of genomic DNA from samples of human, animal, plant, yeast, bacterial and viral origin. EZ-DNA is based on disruption of cells in a guanidine-detergent lysing solution that hydrolyzes RNA and allows the selective precipitation of DNA from a cell lysate with ethanol.

Following an ethanol wash, the DNA is solubilized in water or 8 mM NaOH. There is no phenol in EZ-DNA.


  • Fast procedure, can be completed in 10-30 minutes
  • Permits isolation of genomic DNA from a large number of samples of small or large volumes
  • The percentage of DNA recovery is around 70-100%

The isolated DNA can be used, without additional purification, for Southern analysis, dot blot hybridization, molecular cloning, RFLP, PCR and other molecular biology and biotechnology applications.



QTY 50 reactions
Storage Conditions AMB
Shipping Conditions Room Temperature



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