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Stem Cell Research

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Culture Under SF, XF Conditions - Useful Tips

How to isolate mesenchymal stem cells from tissue, what reagents to use while seeding the mesenchymal stem cells, and how to sub-culture mesenchymal stem cells under serum-free, xeno-free culture conditions.

Poster: Novel xeno-free, serum-free vitronectin-based culture system for hPSC

This poster presents NutriStem® V9 XF - a superior pluripotent stem cell culture medium, optimized for vitronectin

Poster: A Novel Set of Serum-Free, Xeno-Free Differentiation Media for Adipogenesis, Osteogenesis and Chondrogenesis of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Various Tissue Sources

A scientific poster presents the development of novel serum-free, xeno-free media and supplements that efficiently differentiate hMSCs from various sources into adipocytes, osteoblasts, and chondrocytes. Molecular characterization and functional assays were used to evaluate the quality and purity of the differentiated cells.

Technical Resources: Assuring Multipotency of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSC)

Read here about phenotypic and functional assessments which are used to assist in successful purification and correct identification of hMSC identity

Poster: hMSC Serum-Free, Xeno-Free Culture System

A scientific poster that presents a novel Serum-Free, Xeno-Free culture system for human Mesenchymal Stem Cells, suitable for therapeutic applications. The system was developed and evaluated by BI's R&D department.

Technical Resources: Passaging Methods for hPSCs under Feeder-Free Conditions

Technical review of a variety of hPSC dissociation methodologies: large aggregates , small aggregates and single cell

Technical Resources: Assuring Pluripotency of ESC and iPSC Lines

Read here a short review of the methods which are used to confirm pluripotency in newly established and existing pluripotent stem cell lines

Application Note: Novel Precoating-Free Protocol for Culturing hPSC using Vitronectin

A user-friendly, timesaving protocol that has been developed to eliminate the traditional vitronectin coating procedure for culture of hPSC

Application Note: Single Cell Passaging with NutriStem® hPSC XF on Laminin-521 without the Need for ROCK Inhibitor

Single cell passaging is a cell culture method which is compatible with desired downstream applications such as gene editing or CRISPR/Cas9. Read here how the combination of xeno-free media, recombinant protein matrices and recombinant trypsin solutions, enables single cell passaging without the addition of ROCK inhibitor

SnapShot: Directed Differentiation of ESCs and iPSCs

Pluripotent stem cells hace the ability to differentiate into the hundreds of cell types within the body. Download this illustrated poster which highlight some of strategies for directing the differentiation of ESCs and iPSCs into defined cell types

Cryopreservation of Cells

Serum-free Freezing Medium - Performance Validation

Read here why it is important to cryopreserve cells in a serum-free freezing medium while using medium free of serum in the cell culture.

Fetal Bovine Serum

Introduction to Fetal Bovine Serum Class

Everything you wanted to know about fetal bovine serum in cell culture: What grades of FBS are available? What tests are performed for Quality Control?

Classical Cell Culture

Single-strength Medium

Read here instructions for preparation of single-strength medium.

Powdered Medium

Read here instructions for preparation of powdered medium.

Mycoplasma Contamination

Mycoplasma: Effective Detection and Treatment

Read here how to use PCR for the detection of mycoplasma in cell cultures and what are the methods for treating contaminated cultures.

10 Quick Tips to Prevent Mycoplasma Contamination

Follow these quick, easy tips to prevent cell culture contamination

Guide for Antibiotics Selection

Read here a guide for antibiotics selection and appropriate concentrations

Serum-Free Media

Serum-Free Medium for Adherent Cells

In order to succeed in the serum-free growth of adherent cells, it is necessary to follow proper procedures carefully. Read here detailed  instructions and techniques.

Serum-Free Medium for CHO Cells

Read here the technical guide for a successful serum-free culture of CHO cells

Serum-Free Medium for Animal Cell Culture

A thorough technical guide for the use of serum-free media and supplement in animal cell culture in suspension