Stem Cell Services

Access to Diverse Custom Stem Cell Services

Biological Industries USA has partnered with Cellaria in offering access to the most advanced cell technology and comprehensive stem cell services available today. Together, we combine a team of experts who have extensive knowledge in reprogramming and differentiation protocols and are excited to provide a single source solution for deriving iPS cells through cell line establishment, RNA reprogramming, iPS cell line banking, characterization and differentiation.

Why RNA?

RNA has proven to be the most efficient and clinically relevant reprogramming platform for the generation of human iPS cell lines from human skin fibroblasts and peripheral and cord blood endothelial progenitor cells. The combination of this platform and our expertise ensures the delivery of high quality iPS cell lines to meet your specific needs.


  • Wide choice of deliverables

  • Consultative science, access to industry leading experts and full technical support

  • Start-to-finish assistance and technical support throughout the entire process

  • Reagent packages include cell lines and access to cGMP NutriStem® hPSC Medium and CryoStem™ Freezing Medium

Services include:

  • Cell Line Establishment

  • RNA Reprogramming

  • Expansion and Banking of Primary Cells

  • Cell Line Characterization

  • Differentiation Services (Neural Progenitor Cells, Hepatocytes, Cardiomyocytes)

Stem Cell Services Inquiry

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