High quality and consistency essential for successful cell culture

Serum is commonly used as a supplement to basal growth medium in cell culture. The most common type of serum used for cell growth is fetal bovine serum (FBS), also known as fetal calf serum (FCS). In cell culture, serum provides a wide variety of macromolecular proteins, low molecular weight nutrients, carrier proteins for water-insoluble components, and other compounds necessary for in vitro growth of cells, such as hormones and attachment factors. Serum also adds buffering capacity to the medium and binds or neutralizes toxic components. The selection of a serum supplement for cell culture applications is primarily dependent on the chemical definition of the basal medium, the type of cell to be grown, and the culture system being employed. In earning a reputation for reliable and consistent delivery of the highest quality bovine serum products for cell culture, BI is one of the largest leading manufacturers and suppliers of serum and FBS offering a wide selection of FBS grades and origins.

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