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Management Team

Biological Industries USA, Inc.

In 2015, Biological Industries USA (BI-USA) was established (Press Release) as a division of Biological Industries Beit Haemek Israel, a leading cell culture media developer and manufacturer, by a small but quickly growing group of highly experienced biotechnology professionals and scientists. Our vision is to collaborate, develop, and provide innovative stem cell tools and custom media and cell manufacturing services to help accelerate discovery and cell therapy.

Members of the BI-USA team share a history and expertise of innovation and success in the development of leading-edge technologies in stem cell research, cellular reprogramming, and regenerative medicine, through organizations such as WiCell, BD Biosciences, Stemgent, BioTime, and more. Our team has made significant contributions to the global training and education of understanding human embryonic stem cell biology and generating induced pluripotent stem cells.

BI-USA is located in Cromwell, CT with representatives located in and around Boston, San Diego, and San Francisco.

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Tanya Potcova
Tanya Potcova | Chief Executive Officer, BI-USA
Lori Oakes
Lori Oakes | General Manager
Dan Haus
Dan Haus, PhD | Senior FAS & Scientific Affairs Manager
Lia Thornberry Kent
Lia Thornberry Kent | Scientific Training & Support